About Us


We are a Las Vegas-based Business Consultancy Firm started in 2016.

MVPY Capital LLC offers customized services to businesses and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on capital markets. MVPY is a conduit between banks (and non-bank entities) and businesses. We’ve helped place thousands of complicated, tough to do scenarios that others couldn’t manage by finding solutions through our extensive partnerships inside and outside of the United States. We take a holistic approach to problem solving, understanding the needs and challenges of each client and swiftly connecting them with the right resources for success.

Our Story


MVPY (MV = PY) is an important equation in the field of Economics. It explains the relationship between money, investment, production, and prices in a subtly succent relationship made famous by the Nobel Prize Economist Milton Friedman.

Daniel Axelrod is the owner of MVPY Capital. He holds a Master’s Degree and Undergraduate Degree in Economics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He started working in finance in 2005 where he then took a hiatus to pursue education, then reemerged in finance space to help start-up businesses and entrepreneurs with another Las Vegas based company. There he lead their finance division and created multiple bank outlets to expand their products to a rich diverse range of different solutions from bank and non-bank lenders. Daniel has taken this same expertise and skill set to MVPY Capital in order to best serve client needs on a one-on-one basis.